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JSC «Mosenergo»

  • JSC «Mosenergo»
  • JSC «Mosenergo»
  • JSC «Mosenergo»
  • JSC «Mosenergo»

JSC «Mosenergo» unloading of the vessel in the NCSP, transshipment, loading on the transporter, delivery and rigging unloading of the transformer in Moscow.

Features of the project and transportation:

Unloading of the vessel in the port of NCSP, Novorossiysk, unloading with a 2 port cranes in tandem using a balancer, customs clearance of the cargo, issuing of the loading scheme, order of 220 tons transporter, loading, securing, delivery to the station Yanichkino, unloading at HEC-22 on regular rollers with the installation of carriages by rigging, delivering of components by road.
  • Specifications
Place of loading of NCSP Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region
Place of unloading of HEC-22, JSC «Mosenergo», Moscow
Length of route 1600 km
Cargo characteristics
Mass of the transformer unit 165 t
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