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LLC «YUNK-Agro-Product»

  • LLC «YUNK-Agro-Product»
  • LLC «YUNK-Agro-Product»
  • LLC «YUNK-Agro-Product»
  • LLC «YUNK-Agro-Product»

LLC «YUNK-Agro-Product»: transportation of equipment for the plant under construction for the production of sunflower seed oil.

Features of the project:
transportation in the Novorossiysk with a high altitude.

  • Specifications
Place of loading Novorossiysk, NUTEP
Place of unloading Kropotkin, Krasnodar region
Length of route 310 km
Cargo characteristics
Weight the first road train: 64 t; The second road train: 68 t
Length First road train: 15.6 m; Second road train: 21 m
Width the Second road train: 5.3 m
Height the Second road train: 4.7 m
The height of the road train the road train First road train: 6.12 m; Second road train: 5.62 m
Diameter First road train: 5.2 m
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