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Railway transportation

One of the leading areas of the UTEK group of companies is rail transportation with all available types of rolling stock. The most popular services in this area are railway transportation of containers, bulk and bulk cargoes, as well as bulky and heavy cargoes. The latter require special attention, since in the process of organizing transportation, it will be necessary to select rolling stock, draw up a layout for the placement and securing of cargo, agree on a transportation route, and more.

Types of freight cars

  • Covered wagons. Covered wagons usually transport food, machinery, furniture and other goods whose contact with the open sun or moisture is undesirable. Covered railway cars also perform a protective function not only against environmental factors, but also against mechanical damage or theft.
  • Gondola cars. Used for transportation of bulk non-aggressive, bulk and bulk cargo (ore, coal, timber, etc.), stacked and piece goods, which include containers or equipment
  • Dumpkar. They are needed for transportation and mechanized unloading of goods with granular consistency.
  • Hopper. Bulk cargo requiring protection from atmospheric precipitation (cement, grain, etc.) is transported using hoppers, which are related to gondola cars.
  • Platforms. Long bulky goods such as timber, wheeled vehicles or building materials are transported using railway platforms, which are equipped with special units for fastening large-capacity containers (fitting stops)
  • Conveyors. The conveyor is not performed in one embodiment, but has several varieties. These include, for example, a well-type conveyor car, a platform conveyor car, a towing car, and finally, articulated and platform varieties of conveyor cars.
  • Tanks. They provide reliable transportation of liquid or powder materials, oil products or liquefied gases.
  • Isothermal cars (refrigerators). In such cars of an isothermal fleet, perishable products or medicines are most often transported, and the necessary temperature conditions are created using special equipment. Rail cars are usually transported by shunting locomotives.
Most of the documentation is unified and approved by Russian Railways, often the recipient / sender of the cargo does not have the skills to process documents and interact with Russian Railways as a whole. In such cases, the UTEC group of companies successfully carries out railway transportation departments, which allows us to choose the best option.
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