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Road transportation

Depending on the type of cargo transported, on its features and customer requirements, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of equipment.

The main and often used are:

  • Awning - A universal semi-trailer for domestic and international transportation of commercial goods that are not demanding on the temperature regime and need protection from the weather. Allows simultaneous loading from four sides.
  • Refrigerator - Semitrailer equipped with a refrigeration unit with a system for automatically maintaining the required temperature regime. It is intended for the transportation of goods requiring deep freezing or cooling. Depending on the classification, it provides the temperature inside the body in the range of + 12 ° С ... -25 ° С. Has several modifications
  • Isotherm - Semi-trailer, the cargo compartment of which is insulated and not equipped with a refrigeration unit. Intended for short-term transportation of perishable goods, maintains the initial internal temperature for a limited time.
  • Auto coupler - Combined truck, including a tractor with a tented semi-trailer and a trailer. It allows for quick loading and unloading, transports the maximum volume of goods on public roads without special permits. Not intended for transporting long meters.
  • Jumbo - Tilt semi-trailer with a "broken" frame. It is characterized by increased capacity due to a stepped L-shaped floor of the cargo compartment with a kink in the front and a reduced diameter of the rims of the semi-trailer.
  • Container ship - A semi-trailer for transporting sea and railway containers of various types, having several modifications that differ in the design of the frame. Depending on the type, it can be universal sliding, allowing you to work with 45-foot containers, a standard carrying capacity of 20-30 tons, low loader, specialized for the transportation of tank containers and dumping
  • Open flatbed - Flatbed semi-trailer without tilt superstructure. It is intended for the transportation of goods of various nature and dimensions that do not require special conditions of transportation, resistant to atmospheric precipitation, low and high air temperatures.
  • Open Platform - A semi-trailer platform that is not equipped with sides and an awning superstructure. It is intended for the transportation of bulky commercial building and industrial goods that are resistant to external weather influences.
  • Platform for oversized cargo - Semitrailer-platform for transporting goods of various nature, including equipment, construction and special equipment. Due to its design features, it can transport cargo of high height and length.
  • Tanker - A truck with a tank intended for temporary storage and transportation of short and long-distance bulk cargoes of varying degrees of aggressiveness. It can have a different configuration, one or several sections.
  • Car transporter - Semi-trailer for transportation of cars, trucks and other wheeled vehicles. The capacity is directly proportional to the length of the semi-trailer and ranges from 7 to 10 B-class cars, depending on the size.
  • Grain truck - A car equipped with a tank or hopper for the unpacked transportation of bulk cargoes - cereals, granular and animal feed. They may have a self-loading system or loading hatches.
  • Timber Carrier - Semi-trailer for transporting long forests, lumber and pipe metal. It has conics - special equipment for convenient stacking and reliable fixation of the load around the perimeter.
    Particular attention is required to transport dangerous goods. Dangerous goods are cargoes that, under certain conditions, can harm technical devices, people or the environment. Explosive and flammable substances, toxic chemicals and the like can serve as an example. To prevent accidents associated with the transport of dangerous goods, there are special vehicles suitable for this. The carrier is also obliged to adhere to existing regulatory documents governing such transportation.
A bona fide car carrier company must fully assume the obligation to complete the necessary documents for the carriage of goods, and is also involved in loading and unloading cargo and controlling its movement. It is such a service that UTEC LLC provides and acts as a responsible and reliable partner.
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